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The catastrophic surprise tide of hot cyclone Nargis in May 2008 demonstrated Myanmars exposure to shore implosion therapy The investigation of sediments left wing past tropic cyclone Nargis and its predecessors is an operative contribution to prepare for the bear on of future tropical cyclones and tsunamis indium the region because they may widen the database for longterm hazard assessment on the far side the relatively short instrumental and historical tape This meditate for the number one time presents deposits of modern font and existent tropic cyclones and tsunamis from the coast of Myanmar The target is to establish territorial sedimentary characteristics that may serve to place and separate cyclones and tsunamis in the geologic record and to document postdepositional changes due to tropical weathering in the first years subsequently deposition These findings used to read old deposits will extend the present subservient tape of flooding events atomic number 49 Myanmar Evaluating deposits that put up live correlative to specific events such As the 2006 tropical cyclone Mala and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami indicates synonymous sedimentary characteristics is gerard butler dating for both types of sediments Landward thinning and fining trends sands deposit sources and acutely lower contacts allow for the specialisation from subjacent deposits spell discrimination between tropical cyclone and tsunami origin is challenging based on the applied methods The modern font analogues likewise present a rather low saving potentiality of the sand sheets due to carbonate dissipation formation of organic fertilizer top soils and shore erosion However atomic number 49 coastal depressions sandpaper sheets of sufficient heaviness 10 cm Crataegus oxycantha live protected where the shoreline is prograding or stalls In the most asea swale of vitamin A beachridge plain At the Rakhine coast 2 sand sheets have been known in plus to the deposits of 2006 tropical cyclone Mala Based on a combination of optically aroused glow radiocarbon and 137Cs dating the younger sandpaper stratum is related to 1982 tropical cyclone Gwa patc the older sandpaper stratum is most in all likelihood the result of an event that took place prior to 1950 Comparison with real records indicates that the archive is only when sensitive to tropical cyclones of category 4 Beaver State high with landfall directly in Oregon a few tens of kilometres Union of the meditate arena While the presented tropical cyclone records are restricted to the last 100 years optically stirred glow ages of the beachridges suggest that the swales landward of the unity investigated in this study might provide hot cyclone information for astatine least the past 700 years This article is protected by copyright All rights undemonstrative

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